Strategic Plan
  • The strategic plan of the Foundation is to foster communication and cooperation
    among professionals from all specialties, but with the common interest in the overall outcome of their patients
  • HSF addresses healthcare disparities by educating families about the need for interdisciplinary team care. The foundation also develops and implements programmes to identify causes and support preventive measures to reduce the incidence of cleft lip and palate.
  • Establish nation-wide network of Healing Smile Centres where treatment to restore facial function and appearance is imparted to patients, giving them independence and dignity.
  • Develop support for children and adolescents affected by CLP at school and in social settings through such activities as confidence- building camps.
  • Increases public awareness, it is our goal to see a time very soon when persons with facial differences are accepted for who they are and are not judged by their appearance by the general public, educators, employers, and even members of their own families.
  • Resolve emotional Stigma: Parental Bonding Issues because it is hard to look at a child with cleft palate. The face is unsightly and food and liquids pass through the mouth and nose. Feelings of love mix with disgust as parents struggle to suppress natural abhorrence (aversion) and respond with affection for their child. This causes tremendous conflict and guilt in the parents. Parents may avoid eye contact with the infant, resulting in difficulty for the child to bond with parents and form normal human attachments.
  • Decrease social stigma because children with cleft palate begin their lives not only with serious health issues, but also with a huge disadvantage. It is called ugliness resulting in ostracism, denial of education, or even death.
  • In a nut shell the foundation will provide referrals to qualified cleft/craniofacial teams, access to educational materials, emotional support via a support hotline, on-line support forums, general public awareness about facial differences and the networking of individuals and families for support purposes.
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